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Nambe Lake

For those of you who have not been, the Nambe Lake Trail is a doozy. This 6.4 mile (7.3 for me, and you’ll see why later) out and back trail offers beautiful views of aspens, rolling hills, and depending on the time of year you go, a beautiful frozen stream. The last three quarters of a mile is the hardest part as you gain 1500 feet and the trail is sporadic at best.

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Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

"...On summit day, I faced both humbling and inspiring events. It was the hardest day of the entire trip. I had to push past discomfort of hiking at midnight against cold, heavy winds and the strong desire to turn around and go back to bed. I began feeling the altitude and felt short of breath. My fingers and toes were cold and I consciously wiggled them to keep them warm...."

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