Stand Up Paddle Boards


Have you ever wanted an easy, affordable, and unique way to experience the Rio Grande or New Mexico's other rivers and lakes?  MST Adventures is now renting Stand Up Paddle Boards, or SUP's. We rent inflatable SUP's which is great for you. Why? Because they roll up and can be transported easily in your car's trunk, no special roof rack or pickup truck needed. They are quick to inflate with our two stage pumps, and before you know it, you'll be on your way exploring life from the water.

Who should SUP

Stand Up Paddling is a family-friendly activity and is one of the most beginner-friendly ways to enjoy the water. Our boards are designed for general, recreational use. They are 34" wide to provide good stability, 11' long to track through the water, have a 350lb capacity, and are immensely easy to use. Paddle boarding also offers an excellent fitness opportunity. With proper paddling technique you exercise your abs, back, shoulders, and legs. Balancing on the board, while not difficult, helps activate smaller, stabilizer, muscles that are otherwise difficult to exercise with traditional workouts. Stand Up Paddling burns between 300-700 calories per hour.  

About the Boards we Rent

We choose to carry the Bote Brand of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards for a lot of different reasons.  The first and foremost is the quality of the product. Bote makes their inflatable to withstand a lot of abuse. They are drop stitched and made from a military grade PVC with a carrying capacity of 350 lbs. Bote's Axe paddle is lightweight and adjustable, and everything fits into a specially-designed backpack for easy transportation.

What Comes with our Rentals?

Every SUP we rent will comes with an air pump for easy inflation, a paddle that is adjustable to the user, a coast guard approved life jacket with safety whistle, and carrying bag.  Additional Fins are available for open water trips.  

how Should I dress?

What do you need to bring? Depending on the weather, water, and air temperature you will want to dress to get wet. But more importantly you will want to wear non-cotton clothes. When scheduling a rental the MST Adventures staff will help answer any questions you might have on how to dress.

Where Do you Paddle Board in new mexico? 

When we ask most people what comes to mind when you think out outdoor adventures in New Mexico, they usually state hiking, mountain biking or skiing. Most people don't think of water-based activities. We have several great resources right here in the greater Albuquerque, New Mexico area. 

Our Top 5 Places to SUP near Albuquerque

1. The Rio Grande - 550 to Alameda, This is our go-to float trip when we want to get out of the office.

2. Sandia Lakes - We offer paddling on Wednesday Nights, throughout the summer in conjunction with kayak and SUP groups.

3. Cochiti Lake - Just a short drive north of Albuquerque lies this wonderful lake surrounded by the natural landscape. This is a great place to shake off the work week, paddle, fish, and take the whole family.

4. The Rio Grande- Algodones to 550. This is a great section of river that highlights the riparian habitat along the Rio Grande. This section we enjoy immensely for the bird watching.

5. Fenton Lake- Tucked up in the Jemez Mountains, this lake is 30 acres in size and a great way to beat the heat of summer. 

There you have it, 5 great places to go on your next SUP trip!

Check out the video below to learn more about our boards. Follow this link to see the reviews from; and remember to wear your life jacket while out on the water - it's not just the law, but the safe way to have a good time on the water! 


How to set up the Bote Breeze Paddle Board for river or lake use.