Snowshoe Rentals

Winter in New Mexico is a beautiful time to be outside if you ask us. The soft snow highlights the enchanting features of the state. With our snowshoe rentals we can help get you to those special places. We proudly carry MSR Snowshoes, strong, reliable, and easy to use, is what comes to mind when I think of our gear. We only rent the gear we trust and believe in, these are no different. All of our snowshoe rentals come with Atlas Adjustable "Lock Jaw" trekking poles at no extra cost. Is this your first time? Check out our blog on what you need to know before you go.

MSR Ascent with optional tails


We carry the MSR EVO and EVO Ascent snowshoes for adults. The difference between the EVO and Ascent is optional climbing bar on the Ascent. Both come ready to add the tails if powder is in your future. 

MSR Shift

MSR Shift

The MSR Shift is for the young adult in the family. They do not accomidate the tails like the EVO's and Ascents do but will crush the trails on your next family adventure. 

MSR Tykers

MSR Tyker

The MSR Tyker, is for the youngest adventure in the house. These will accommodate a wide range of shoes sizes and will support that youngster up to 90 lbs.