Kayaking Instruction

MST Adventures offers several different types of kayak instruction. From an introductory level kayak instruction to advanced whitewater kayaking, we have the staff, knowledge, and experience that will get you to the next level in your paddling journey. Instructional staff is American Canoe Association Certified and our curriculum is based off of the ACA methodology. 

Some aspects new boaters have to face when starting out is developing a strong foundation of skills while not creating bad habits, and risk mitigation. Like many people who start kayaking, I learned a great deal from friends. But, I always knew that there was an information gap. It wasn't until I took my first structured class that I realized how much I didn't know. The staff at MST Adventures has structured our classes and skills clinics in such a manner that when you leave our tutelage, you will have the confidence, to paddle new rivers safely.      

Rates do not include sales tax:

1 hour $85

2 hours $ 160

3 hours $235

4 hours $299


We offer the following classes:

  • Introduction to Kayaking

  • Introduction to River Running

  • Introduction to Whitewater

  • Introduction to Intermediate Whitewater

  • Learning the Kayak Roll

In addition to the classes listed above we offer several day and multi-day trips:

  • Introduction to River Play, the Colorado Experience

  • Exploring the East Coast Classics Level 1

  • Exploring the East Coast Classics Level 2

  • An Ohio Whitewater Skill Clinic, Introduction to Waterfalls

We offer the following clinics:

  • Kayaking for the Advanced Beginner

  • Women of Whitewater Skills Clinic- This class can only be booked via The Adobe Whitewater Club.

If you would like a current list of class offerings or to join in our one of our upcoming trips please call or email us, we look forward to kayaking with you.