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Skills Clinics

MST Adventures' Multi-day Skills Clinics propel you to a whole new level.



Whitewater Skills Clinics

Developing a higher level of skills, the KRT Crew, spent two days learning and building their Intermediate skills set in river reading, on water communication and  risk management . -Photo Mike Gillam 

Developing a higher level of skills, the KRT Crew, spent two days learning and building their Intermediate skills set in river reading, on water communication and risk management. -Photo Mike Gillam 


Skills Based Clinics

A lot can be learned just from being on the water more often. At MST Adventures, we feel that just finding your rhythm can be hard if you only get 1 weekend a month on the water. So we have asked, how do we make this time more productive?

We came to the conclusion that if your time is limited, the lessons have to be of high value, easily understood, and not overwhelming. 

Our skills based clinics are for the Advanced Beginner, and Intermediate kayaker. What does that mean exactly?

The advanced beginner is someone who has their own kayak and gear and less than 2 years of experience. Their skill set includes rolling 3/5 times in the pool and the basic knowledge of river running skills. 

The intermediate kayaker is someone who has been kayaking between 1-4 years and has the basic river running skill set, building their onb water rescue skill set, and wants to be a trip leader in the future. They are most likely a member of the local whitewater club, or meetup group, but has limited experience outside of their home river. 

Advanced Beginner Clinics/ Intermediate Clinics

  • Ohio Whitewater Skills Clinic - This clinic will focus on developing an intermediate skill set, with boofing, ledge drops and common sense river rescue. -This clinic will run from April 21-April 23, 2018. We will again be based out of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and covering the Boofing, Ledges, and several other intermediate whitewater skills. Call to book your spot for 2018. 
  • Advanced Beginner Clinic - These classes have concluded for the season. Thank you to all of our students and SYOTR. This is a two day clinic which will focus on developing a strong set of fundamental skills, combat rolling, river scouting, and learning how to beta scout in a clear and concise manner, the basics of river rescue and much much more.


If this sounds like you give us a call and schedule your clinic today. 



Ohio Whitewater Skills Clinic


When was the last time you thought about whitewater kayaking outside of New Mexico? I bet Ohio was not on the list. But what most people don’t realize is that there is a stash of whitewater in Ohio that runs throughout the year. It is a great place to learn the fundamentals, and work up through the intermediate techniques of whitewater kayaking.  MST Adventures is offering a 3 day Ohio Whitewater Kayaking Experience this April 26, 27, 28 2019. We will explore the paddling scene in and around the greater Cleveland area, and depending on the local water levels and collective group experience; we will have an opportunity to get on another East Coast classic the Lower Youghiogheny River, just outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

Our Ohio Whitewater Kayaking trip begins on Friday the 26th, with a run down the beautiful Cuyahoga River. The Cuyahoga River has it all; from class 1 to class 5 waterfalls! We will start with running the lower Cuyahoga River Gorge, a beautiful class 3 run, working on our fundamental techniques of ferrying, eddy hopping, river communication and the basics of river play (surfing).  This section of river is 5 miles long and affords us with the opportunity to set shuttle and run the gorge multiple times, along with the time needed for 1:1 coaching.

After we get off the water you will enjoy some down time with dinner at the local riverside hot spots, while watching the local experts run the Sheraton Falls section, a class 5 run; in preparation for the Cuyahoga Falls Kayak Race to be held on Saturday the 22nd.


Entering the Upper Gorge of the Cuyahoga River, Paddler David Hill sets his line.

On Saturday the 27st, you have the time to meet the local and non-local paddlers and educators who travel to Ohio for this specific event. Members of the kayaking community who will be attending this event will be Jackson Kayak Sponsored Athletes, Educators from H20 Dreams, and extreme racers like Bobby Miller, Shawn Yingling, and Stephen Wright!

After enjoying the race you will have the opportunity to run, the upper portion of the race course that is rated class 3. Depending on the collective group experience, we will have a boofing party at the end of the day on Rookie Drop, a class 3 drop of the Sheraton Section of the river. We will then portage or run the larger Staircase Rapid depending on comfort and experience, and paddle the Upper Gorge of the Cuyahoga River out to the dam to end the day on the water.

Paddler Alison Gillam, sends Rookie Drop on the Sheraton Section of the Cuyahoga River. For many paddlers, this is their first chance to run a clean drop, while working on their stroke timing.


Sunday 28nd, we will take stock of the water levels in the greater Cleveland area, and choose a venue to paddle for the day. We will have a multitude of waters to choose from including working on big wave surfing techniques in Lake Erie. If the water seems elusive locally (the race venue is dam release) we will load up for the East Coast Classic, the Lower Yough. This awesome river has something for everyone, from the rank beginner to the expert class 5 boaters. We will continue to expand our coaching to include shore scouting, boat scouting, leadership on the water, and common sense rescue.

If this sounds like an awesome time, give MST Adventures a call today to discuss the possibility of joining in on this remarkable skills based clinic. Space is limited to 5 people, in order to provide the best student to teacher ratio.


Working to build a better community through education, MST Adventures is excited to offer this Spring Break Skills Clinic.

Ideal trip candidate: This trip is geared toward the advanced beginner to the intermediate paddler; someone who has their own gear and has been kayaking for at least 6 months.

Cost: The cost of the trip is $750+ tax/person and includes lodging Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. The price is based on sharing your room with 1 additional student/instructor. Private rooms available upon request and availability at the race venue. 

Gear: You will be required to provide your own whitewater kayak, skirt, paddle, helmet, and pfd. In additional to these big 5 items you will need to dress appropriately for the water and weather.

Food: The student will be tasked with providing their own meals. We will have plenty of time to get supplies at various grocery stores and/or local restaurants.

Transportation: MST Adventures will provide the transportation (persons and gear) from New Mexico on the adventure bus. We will also provide transportation to and from the river venues. If you wish to fly to and from the venue Cleveland Hopkins Airport is the airport of choice (call with questions). We will be happy op transport your boats and gear with prior arraignments.

Trip Duration: We will be leaving Albuquerque on Wednesday the 18th of April at 10am and return to Albuquerque on Wednesday the 25th. While traveling, we will be sleeping in the adventures bus, in an effort to reduce the total time the drive takes. There will be plenty of opportunities to stop along the way to stretch our legs and get meals.

Kayaking Venue: Like all paddling trips, the venue is subject to change based on the available water/ weather. MST Adventures will find suitable replacement venues to meet the needs of the participants and their level of experience.

Lodging: MST Adventures will secure the lodging at the Sheraton Hotel in Cuyahoga Falls for Friday and Saturday, night. Sunday night’s lodging will be determined based on the paddle location we choose for Sunday.





MST Adventures is a proud member of the ACA.