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Fitness Sup Sessions

Are you tired with the same routine in the gym or have you been practicing functional fitness and looking to apply it outside of your box? Our fitness paddles are what you have been looking for, no experience necessary. Joining us you will be taught the proper stroke mechanics and balance techniques for a fun time. We will be offering this in connection with Southwest Outlaw SUP.

What is a fitness SUP Paddle?

We begin each session with paddling based warm ups and mobility, then we transition to land based technique. Afterwards we paddle upstream for a resistance/ tempo based workout. During this series you will improve your balance, stability, and learn to read the water like a pro. Paddling a SUP will work your core, obliques, back and shoulders. This is great cross training for any athlete and those looking to just have a great time. 

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Our fitness paddles have less to do with distance and more to do with time on the water. Sure we can cover 5 miles without much problem; but we will be working on 30-45 minutes of upstream paddling, once our warm up is complete. Then we will have a great cool down back to our starting point. 

Physical Fitness Required

A moderate level of fitness is required for this event. You will need to be able to carry 30 lbs (the SUP) from the parking lot to the river, with minimal breaks. We are happy to accomidate any fitness or experiance level. 


Our fitness paddles will be on the mighty Rio Grande. We will launch in Corrales, NM and head upstream. Please call for more details.  


Dates are currently being scheduled. They will be announced in March. Time on the water will be between 1-1.5 hours. 

How to register and additional details

Contact us direct, as space is limited. (505) 717-2526 we will have 6 session passes available along with single session registration. Included in the cost of the event is a SUP, Paddle, PFD (life jacket), ACA Certified Paddling Instruction, and Paddle based Fitness Coaching.


Cost includes Instructor Fees

$35+ Tax If you are renting gear

$15+ Tax If you have your own gear

$178+ Tax (Discounted from $210) for a 6 session pass (Based on $35/session) or $90 If you have your own gear

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