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Sometimes you just need a little bit of help and this vintage truck was just the right tool in Ouray, Colorado. -Photo: Corey Spoores


Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose MST Adventures for your gear rental?

MST Adventures offers high quality equipment that has proven itself over and over. We rent only the gear that we trust will provide a positive and unique experience for you. From our MSR Snowshoes to our NRS Life Jackets, our gear is tuff as nails.

Why choose MST Adventures for instructional classes and private lessons?

MST Adventures' guides are nationally certified instructors in their sports and/or have extensive experience in that particular activity. Some guide/instruction services flaunt x-number of years for each of their guides, but lump in unrelated experience (zipline guiding for raft guides, for example). Our guides and instructors are highly experienced not only in their activity, but in instruction as well. Our guides hold multiple certifications from the ACA, IMBA, are active participants at the competitive level and award-winning. 

What should I bring with me?

Whether you are taking a biking class, a water based class, or just picking up a rental, you should always plan for the weather by dressing in layers; in addition to packing plenty of high energy snacks, water, and sunscreen. Each class and activity will list required equipment based on the discipline and activity level.

I am interested getting better at Mountain Biking, do you rent bikes?

We do not rent bikes, but we do recommend several bike shops if you are looking for a new or rental bike. Give us a call and we will direct you to a bike shop that we trust for price, customer service, and gear.


Classes and Instruction:


How physically fit should I be for my class?

That is a great question. We like address these topics in the class description, look for the Duration, Distance, and Time. We also like to use a 1-5 scale for fitness, 1- being someone who doesn't actively work out, while 5 – is someone who is an Ironman.

I am interested in learning to Kayak/Stand-Up Paddle Board, but I have never Kayaked/SUP’ed before, do you have a class I can take?

We do offer entry level classes, for flat and whitewater kayaking, and flat water and moving water SUP. These classes are offered at Sandia Lakes Recreation Area, every Wednesday Evening, and on limited weekend days throughout the summer.  We rent a limited number of kayaks, and SUP’s. Reach out to use and let’s discuss what the best option is; and location for your learning style.   

I signed up for a SUP/ Kayak Class, how should I dress?

We often suggest dressing to be wet. Chances are that on your first experience you will get fairly wet; after all it is a water sport. So dress in non-cotton clothes that are fast to dry. In the spring and fall we suggest that you wear polypropylene long johns or fleece type clothing. In the summer a bathing suit is applicable, with a change of clothes, to change into when you’re done along with a bath towel to dry off and warm up. Our water is mostly snow melt so it can be fairly chilly.

I am interested getting better at Mountain Biking, do you work with beginners?

MST Adventures loves beginners! Our mountain biking classes are structured for the novice rider. We start with a fundamental skills class which evolves into riding on trails, trail etiquette, and common bike maintenance topics.

I am interested getting better at Mountain Biking, do I need suspension?

MST Adventures believes that you can become an awesome mountain biker with a Huffy.  We will teach you the skills and techniques need to become comfortable on your bike and on the trails.

Do you take credit cards?

You bet. We use Square readers and can take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Learn more about square here.


If you have a question that is not on this list please reach out to us and we will be happy to help you. Call 505-717-2526 or email cspoores@mstadventures.com


Customer Reviews

Reviews via Facebook:

Brianna Brubaker-“Rented snowshoes from them and joined their San Antonio Hot Springs community event, and they've been knowledgeable and reliable. Highly recommended”

Benjamin Horne-“We were looking to rent snowshoes and poles for our family trek up Mt. Taylor. REI in ABQ recommended MST Adventures and Corey hooked us up with the gear, and even tossed in some much needed backpacks. These guys know what they're doing. Highly recommend!”


Reviews via Google:

Andrew Hamm-“I have used MST for both kayak instruction and a hiking guide. They were both great trips and Corey is extremely knowledgeable on all things outdoors. I left with more information that I could have imagined, as well as a greater comfortability while being on the river. They were professional and organized. I look forward to planning another trip with these great guys.”

Dan Gottesfeld-“Every one of my Whitewater Kayaking experiences with the MST team has exceeded my expectations. I've worked with one of the owners, Corey Spoores, over the last six months to develop my kayaking skills and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. As a beginner, I worked extensively with Corey at both pool and lake sessions to develop my Kayaking fundamentals as well as open water day trips within New Mexico on class II-III rapids. Corey's expertise, patience, humor and unwavering support makes the sport incredibly enjoyable, especially for beginners. Corey is a committed teacher and coach; his love for the outdoors is contagious- I can't wait continue our work together and take some mountain biking instruction from them. MST's rates are very competitive and they consistently deliver great value on all of their services.”


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