Equipment Repair


Equipment Repair

When gear breaks, it can make for a frustrating day if you rely on on it day in and day out. Sometimes there is not a lot you can do in the field other than duct tape, but what happens when you return home? Most often folks will opt to buy a new piece to be able to get a newer, or lighter piece of equipment. 

MST Adventures offers affordable prices for many outdoor items, not limited to but including, Inflatable SUP repair and cracked plastic kayak welding. 

Repair rates:

Inflatable SUP Patches/Repair: $15/ hour plus material

Fiberglass Repair: $25/hour plus material

Kayak Welding: $15/hour plus material

Do you have a piece of outdoor equipment that needs some repair? Give us a call and we can arrange a custom quote based on the item. 


Custom Outfitting

Did you just pick up the kayak of your dreams? Do you want a hand in adding foam to the cockpit for that broken in running shoe feel?

We specialize in canoe and kayak outfitting for everyday use, multi-day trips, and adaptive paddlers

MST Adventures can help. We have been outfitting kayaking for over 10 years and have picked up a few tricks along the way.  Our custom outfitting will ensure you a one of a kind experience each and every time you are in your kayak. 

Give us a call today for a quote. (505) 717-25216