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Mountain Bike New Mexico

I for one believe this to be true. We are defiantly not Moab or Sedona, but we are situated between both places and are a destination in our own right. From high mountain trails in the north to great winter destinations in the south we have it all. Mountain Bike Flyer Magazine wrote a stunning article on what we already knew to be true, and the reasoning behind why IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) choose Santa Fe as its location for the 2012 World Summit.

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3 Essential Bike Skills

Mountain biking is a great way to see new things, stay in shape, and challenge yourself. But it can be difficult if you are not a kinesthetic learner. The difference between talent and skill is the amount of practice that you need to develop your skills. Starting with the three fundamentals, we build a solid foundation to the required skills, needed to have a great time mountain biking. 

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