Sandia Mountain Snowshoe Tours

Exploring the mountains in the winter can be a fun and exciting time to be outdoors. The snow often changes your perspective as it clings to trees, rocks, and the varying topography in the mountains. It provides an opportunity to see what animals, have been out and about, as the winter temperature freezes their tracks in the snow like a prehistoric fossil.

A fun snowshoe trek is well worth the work

As the temperatures warm in Albuquerque the mountains retain the allure of winter. Hopefully you have had the chance to get outside and experience it for yourself. Frozen snow can make the trails challenging to hike, especially during the warm days of late winter. Often you will find yourself post-holing through 16 inches of snow in the Sandia Mountains. Snowshoes can help by increasing your foot print size which ultimately allows you to float on top of the snow. There are several other great benefits to snowshoes as well. As the snow consolidates it get hard and the top layers ice up due to the continued freeze thaw cycle that happens between day and night time temperatures. The traction bars and toe crampons that are on the bottom of the snowshoes help maintain stability when the snow crust has these properties.

View that take your breath away

Winter in the mountains can also present additional challenges like staying warm while your exploring. With the correct gear you can wander the trails with relative ease, over the snow and through the woods is no longer a phrase in your favorite children’s book.

MST Adventures offers guided snowshoe tours to help take the guess work out of your winter adventures. We help you have a fun and memorable experience during the winter months by offering a selection of fun and challenging snowshoe hiking options, creative snacks, and spectacular views. Our knowledgeable and friendly guides offer an interpretive experience while out on the trail from the local birds to the geology that makes up the Rio Grande Valley.

Join us on a tour and see what everyone is talking about!

MST Adventures has offered guided snowshoe tours since 2018 in the greater Albuquerque Metro Area. We are the only commercially permitted company to do so in the Sandia Mountains and Wilderness Area. We operate under special permit of the Cibola National Forest and National Grasslands.