Forrest Fenn

A flowering desert cactus, it's not if you find what you're looking for, it's what you find during the journey that counts.-Photo Corey Spoores, MST Adventures

I just came back to MST HQ from a 3 day private guided trip. This trip was awesome, to say the least, our client “Andy” had hired us before for custom kayak instruction and this time he wanted a dirt excursion. When he contacted me I was pretty stoked! Andy is a great guy, loads of fun and a great conversationalist while on the trail.

He came to New Mexico this time, to look for the treasure of Forrest Fenn. Equipped with maps and ideas we set out to check a few of his short listed hotspots in hopes to find the treasure or eliminate a specific area from that list.

Evidence of those that have come before us.

While on this journey we eliminated several areas from the list, while raising even more questions about others.  During our trip we followed several of the clues left from Forrest Fenn. Did I mention we both had the time of our life.

"At one point, as we walked across the New Mexican dirt, I suddenly observed what looked like a white blaze. I looked up to see Andy staring at the it as well, nothing could be more obvious than this, I thought." 

If you are looking for an adventure, treasure, and fun MST Adventures has you covered. Our Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunting Policy is this: I don’t share your trip details with others or take them to your “spots”. I simply guide you in the wilds of New Mexico and beyond, to insure your safety and the safety of your team.  Happy Hunting!

*All photos used in this post are stock from MST Adventures