Cochiti Lake Stand Up Paddleboarding 4-16-17

This weekend I took a group of people up to Cochiti Lake for an afternoon of Paddleboarding. Two of the three had never been on a paddleboard before and we went through a bit of a crash-course in technique once we got on the water. 

As with a lot of areas in New Mexico, as the day heats up, the winds pick up - and Sunday was no different. around 2:00pm the winds started kicking up small waves (and even a few whitecaps). Once we got a few good-quality forward strokes in, paddling into the wind wasn't as difficult as the group had thought it would be. And of course, the way back was a breeze (...I'll see myself out...).

While the water is still a little chilly (about 55°F) the warm air and bright sun made it great for paddling in some neoprene. I wore a dry suit with just shorts and a t-shirt under, more for convenience rather than warmth. 

Everyone had a great time on the lake and I know at least one is really looking forward to winning our SUP Raffle in July!

I spent Saturday in the Jemez mountains and decided to camp at Cochiti Lake that night. Since I was around a bit early I decided it was a good time to start training one of our new guides. The best part is, she works for treats!