Golden Open Space Group Ride (No Cost)

MST Adventures, would like to cordially invite you to our Golden Open Space Group Ride, which will be held this coming Sunday at 10:00 am. There is no cost associated with this ride. 

What should I bring is a common question we hear from time to time. You will need the following items: Mountain Bike, Helmet, Water, Snack are all you really need. A patch kit and spare tube is also a bonus for you and your friends. 

We will meet in the parking area at 10:00 am and leave the lot around 10:30 am. We hope to ride at least 1 lap on the trail if not a little more. The trail at the Golden Open Space is designated a Blue, which is challenging for some and less for others. 


Come explore this great trail system with us. 

Corey Spoores